"Human growth is the discipline where physiology, psychology and sociology meet"
James M., Tanner


ISGA is a scientific, multidisciplinary society devoted to the study of human growth and related disciplines. Begun in 1976 by James M. Tanner and Frank Falkner, it was created as a forum for discussion and debate. ISGA sustains a holistic approach, housing into its boundaries, lines of research as diverse as molecular biology, endocrinology, nutrition, statistics, economics, anthropology, public health. The society is subject of interest to pediatricians, human biologists, anthropologists, endocrinologists, economists, epidemiologists, experts in public health and all professionals who care about human health and well being. It has held scientific meetings in the following places: Rome (Italy), 1976, Havana (Cuba) 1979, Brussels (Belgium) 1982, Montreal (Canada) 1985, Exeter (UK) 1988, Madrid (Spain) 1991, Szombately (Hungary) 1994, Philadelphia (USA) 1997, Torino (Italy) 2000, Florence, (Italy) 2004, Tokyo (Japan) 2007, Mexico DF (México) 2010, and Maribor (Slovenia) 2014 and Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2017. Next Meeting: The next meeting will be taking place on May 28th-31st, 2020 in Šibenik, Croatia.


Composition of ISGA

  • Honorary Members: Prof. PD Francis Johnston (USA), Prof. Ivan Nicoletti (Italy) Dr. Phyllis Eveleth (USA) 
  • Secretary General: Horacio Lejarraga (Argentina): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Past Secretary General : Giulio Gilli (Italy)
  • Members: Lodovico Benso (Italy), Noel Cameron (UK), Timothy J. Cole (UK), Virginia Fano (Argentina), Theo Gasser (Switzerland), Michele Lampl (USA), Mercedes López de Blanco (Venezuela), Silvano Milani (Italy), Mathieu Roelants (Belgium) Lawrence Schell (USA), Taro Yamauchi (Japan) Babette Zemel (USA).