"Human growth is the discipline where physiology, psychology and sociology meet"
James M., Tanner

Organising entities

Brief description of ISGA

ISGA is a scientific, multidisciplinary association devoted to the study of human growth and related disciplines. Begun  in 1976 by James M. Tanner and Frank Falkner, it was created as a forum for discussion and debate. ISGA sustains a holistic approach, housing into its boundaries, lines of research as diverse as molecular biology, endocrinology, nutrition, statistics, economics, anthropology and public health. The society is subject of interest to pediatricians, human biologists, anthropologists, endocrinologists, economists, epidemiologists, experts in public health and all professionals who care about human health and well being.

Brief description of SAP

The “Sociedad Argentina de Pediatría” is one of the oldest scientific institutions in the country.
Founded on October 20, 1911, SAP brings together pediatricians and physicians interested in the study and care of the human being in its period of growth and development.
Independent of sectorial and relevant interests, the society has become a consultant to governments, universities and other community organizations in the Child and Adolescent maternal area.
The goals and the work of the “Sociedad Argentina de Pediatría is built daily with the joint efforts of its 15,461 associates through 44 subsidiaries and 5 delegations organized in 9 regions. The members daily contribute their solidarity effort towards solidly linked goals in pursuit of childhood cause.
SAP motto "For a healthy child in a better world" indicates not only the unifying look of pediatricians but also their commitment to a social-historical reality that entrusts its future.
SAP, through its cooperation with other international organizations (UNICEF, PAHO) and its integration into the Latin America Association (ALAPE) and the International Pediatric Association (IPA), participates in the global pediatric movement.
The society counts on the invaluable support of the Fundación Sociedad Argentina de Pediatría (FUNDASAP) for the development of its activities.

Congress office

Congresses & Events Department – Sociedad Argentina de Pediatria
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