"Human growth is the discipline where physiology, psychology and sociology meet"
James M., Tanner

Poster Submission

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  • Make a slide with the PowerPoint® program versions 97 or newer.
  • Set the size of the slide from the "Design" tab to "On-Screen Display (4: 3)", with vertical orientation.
  • Save the file with a .ppt or .pptx extension with a size of no more than 2 MB
  • The body of the slide must include: Title, Authors, E-mail of the first author and then Introduction (with the Objectives or more relevant information of the presentation), Population, Material and Methods, Results, Conclusions and / or Recommendations.
  • Select a plain background with no ornaments in a color that contrasts with the letters of the text (for example, light background and dark letters or vice versa).
  • Use fonts (typography) Arial, Verdana or Tahoma, which allows an adequate reading from a distance.
  • Place the assigned poster number in a text box in the upper right corner. The font size must be at least 15 bold.
  • The title must be in capital letters and bold, with a font size of not less than 15.
  • For the rest of the text, use a font size of at least 9.
  • Animations are not allowed.
  • The tables, graphics, illustrations and photographs required for the presentation should be sufficiently explanatory and sequentially distributed in order of their explanation. Title should be placed on each of them.
  • Images must be in JPG format. Remember that the file with the poster must be lighter than 2MB.
  • The deadline for sending the Digital Poster will be the October 18th , 2017. It is necessary to have this material in advance for technical reasons of editing and programming.. For if the Digital Poster is not received at the mentioned date, it will not be included in the exhibition.
  • Sending the Digital Poster will be uploaded exclusively on line through the website of the Sociedad Argentina de Pediatría http://congresos.sap.org.ar/sap-auxoV2e/ingresar?LANG=en You must login with the same email address and password with which you entered the corresponding summary.